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Association of Directors Agents Camera

THE Association of directors agents

Representing the industry


ABOUT the ada

The ADA is a professional organisation of Directors and DOP Agents who joined together to represent their common interests in establishing a recognised standard of professionalism within the film, television, commercials and music-video industries.

The association acts as a community, offering support for other members as well as establishing a code of conduct for agents and talent.

Although we are all competitors, we strive to work together for a common goal, which is to create the best working environment and conditions for our directors and DOPs.




The ADA acts as one clear voice advocating for better practices within the industry

Our community of industry-leading professionals cooperate together offering advice and guidance on all matters, including the development of a shared contract template.


The ADA fights to ensure that directors and DOPs are treated fairly.


We are pushing to reform the pitching process and with our collective power change the working conditions for our clients.



The ADA consists of the most established list of Director & DOP agents in the industry. Together we represent the majority of pitching talent across multiple international territories. 

Working with an ADA member comes with an assurance of professionalism and experience.


All members act together to assist colleagues with any payment disputes by blacklisting and refusing to work with the related party. This effectively locks them out of 75%+ of all international high-end directors and DOPs.


All ADA members have access to an internal forum where information related to individual territories is shared. All industry-related issues can be discussed and debated with respect amongst peers.


Any changes within the industry are communicated to all members and the best course of action selected democratically 


All ADA members are competitors who have come together as colleagues to share ideas and assist each other. 

Being an ADA member means being a part of an association that respects competition, while following a professional code of conduct.

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